About a fabulous life.
If you are looking for someone to take your event up a notch- La Santa Damiana is exactly what you need! She was very professional, responded to all questions and messages in a timely manner, and gave an absolutely amazing performance! Our guests were wowed and haven't stopped talking about her! She made our event the party of the year and I'm sure she can do the same for you- don't hesitate- book her now!~Amanda H., Moustache Bash, Tupelo MS
La Santa Damiana has been performing for over 15 years, and traveled with her shows to 22 countries including Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Kingdom of Oman, China, Egypt, Spain, Denmark, and the United States. She performed at music festivals, corporate events, weddings, historic events, colleges, toured with bands and dance companies. She is trained as a pyro-technician, belly dancer, and yoga teacher. Being at home in the world, she speaks English, German, Russian, French, and a little bit Mandarin Chinese.
Outstanding and engaging performances! Recommended for all those seeking extraordinary talent with a kind spirit and superb professionalism!~Jared S., Tomb Of The Risen Dead
Fire Angel at DeSoto Caverns
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She did a great job! The guest loved her and she was very nice. Thanks for everything.

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